From your boneless deer, we can offer jerky, Salami Sticks or Hunter Sticks. Ask for our list of deer processors in our area that you can call about whole deer processing.

Items We Do Make with Boneless Venison Starting October 1st

No one makes jerky like we do! Take our great-tasting original beef jerky recipe, and swap out the beef for the flavorful game taste of venison. We don’t use just any cuts of venison to make jerky. Only the finest rounds and loins from your deer are chosen. There are three delicious flavors to season your jerky with, including Regular, BBQ and Chicago-Style.

  1. $10 / lb on finished weight of Jerky
  2. Takes 3 lbs venison to make 1 lb finished jerky
  3. We only use venison rounds or loins for jerky
  4. Flavors we make are: Regular, BBQ or Chicago Style

In 1986, we developed the recipe for our Hunter’s Stix that we still use today. Made from lean pork and your boneless venison, these tasty Stix come in three flavors: Regular, Cheddar or Pepper Jack. Three pounds of meat yields one three pound bag of Hunter’s Stix.

  1. $15 / 3 lb bag
  2. Takes 3 lbs of boneless venison to make a 3 lb bag of ready to eat hunters sticks
  3. Flavors we make are: Regular, Regular with Cheese or Pepper Jack

Developed from our original Stix recipe, these large Stix are more robust versions of our classic Hunter’s Stix. It takes approximately 3 ½ pounds of venison to make one Salami Stix. Flavors include Regular, Regular with Cheddar Cheese or, the customer favorite, Pepper Jack, which is made with a blend of jalapeno peppers.

  1. $13 / stick
  2. Takes 3.5 lbs of boneless venison to make one stick that weighs approximately 4.5 lbs.
  3. Flavors we make are: Regular, Regular with Cheese or Pepper Jack
  1. Grinds only – 50 cents per lb
  2. Grinds and Wraps – 75 cents per lb
  3. Sausage $1.50 lb – wrapped $2 / lb
  4. Smoked Venison Rounds – $15 each
  5. Smoked Turkey $15 each
  6. Turkey or Goose Jerky – $10 / lb