2019/20 Wild Game Pricing
Each deer we receive is processed by our skilled meat cutters with great care and accuracy – one at a time.
Once the deer is processed, you receive the meat from your deer, which includes chops, steaks, roasts and burger. The meat can be packaged anyway you want it.
Your name, phone number and hunting license number are attached to your deer, along with a tag number that matches your cutting order. All this information follows your deer through our entire process.
Our great-tasting Venison Jerky is made from your deer’s rounds, back straps and/or tenderloins.
Both our Hunter’s and Salami Stix are made from the boneless venison of your deer that is ground together with high-quality lean pork.


33677833 - deer / venison meat cut diagram scheme - elements on chalkboard


Starting at the end of September, our skilled meat cutters begin sharpening their knives in preparation for the hunting season. Whether you landed a big doe or a trophy buck, we can process your deer into the generous cuts of venison that you want. We skin, cut and double-freezer wrap your deer, the old-fashioned way, so it is guaranteed fresh whenever you choose to enjoy it. If you’re too busy to spend time preparing your venison, we can use our smokehouse to turn it into jerky, Salami Stix or Hunter Stix.

Either way, You’ll be getting your deer back the way you want it.

Venison Jerky

No one makes jerky like we do! Take our great-tasting original beef jerky recipe, and swap out the beef for the flavorful game taste of venison. We don’t use just any cuts of venison to make jerky. Only the finest rounds and loins from your deer are chosen. There are three delicious flavors to season your jerky with, including Regular, BBQ and Chicago-Style.

Hunter’s Stix

In 1986, we developed the recipe for our Hunter’s Stix that we still use today. Made from lean pork and your boneless venison, these tasty Stix come in three flavors: Regular, Cheddar or Pepper Jack. Three pounds of meat yields one three pound bag of Hunter’s Stix.

Large Venison Salami Stix

Developed from our original Stix recipe, these large Stix are more robust versions of our classic Hunter’s Stix. It takes approximately 3 ½ pounds of venison to make one Salami Stix. Flavors include Regular, Regular with Cheddar Cheese or, the customer favorite, Pepper Jack, which is made with a blend of jalapeno peppers.